Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

An open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian! Survive in a hostile world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies.

If you don't have it already, you can get the game on Steam.

Welcome to Majestic! Before continuing, please read the important information on our About page.

Server Status

Current server status as reported by

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Enabled Mods

The server is currently using these mods. I try to keep the mod list short to minimize impact of mod updates and reduce likelihood of conflicting mods.

You can quickly subscribe to all of these mods by going here and pressing the "Subscribe to all" button, or you can use the automatic mod download feature of the game by just attempting to connect to the server.

Name Description
Majestic Base mod for the server that adjusts various settings and adds a number of features.
Aquilonian Passion Body Improved female body shape.
Beyond Theatrics Adds intimate (sexual and nonsexual) couples animations.

Connecting to a Server

There are multiple ways to connect to the server. I will explain a couple here.

Traditional Method

To connect, do the following:

  1. Run the game and press the "Play Online" button.
  2. Make sure "Show servers with mods" is checked and search for Majestic to find the server.
  3. Select the server and press the "Join" button, then enter the password and connect.

If the server does not show up in the list in-game, you can by pressing the "Direct Connect" button and entering the server's address (along with the password).


Majestic 2

Before you connect, you can select the server and press the "Favorite" button to add it to your favorites. Then you can go to your favorites list to connect more easily in the future.

Fast Method

The fastest way to connect is to use a direct link. This will launch the game and connect you directly to the server.

This method was broken by the game developer at some point and no longer works. Leaving the information here in case they ever fix it.


Majestic 2

All Majestic servers use the same password, which can be found on the about page.

Server Settings

These tables show the settings that have been modified on the server. Any setting not mentioned is likely not set (remains at its default value). I may tweak some things if I see a need for it (especially early on in the server's lifetime), but will try to leave the settings alone so that everyone gets a similar game experience no matter when they start playing.


Settings that affect the server in general.

Setting Value Description
Max Nudity Full Players without gear are fully nude.
Experience (1) 2.0x The rate at which players gain experience on the original server.
Experience (2) 1.3x The rate at which players gain experience on the newer server.
Gathering 2x Multiplier on the amount of resources collected while gathering.
Spoil Rate 50% How fast items spoil, as a percentage of the base speed (lower number = longer).
Crafting Time 50% How long it takes for items to craft (lower number = faster).
Resource Respawn 4x How fast harvested resources respawn (higher number = faster).
Land Claim Radius 50% How much land is claimed by structures, as a percentage of the default. Claimed land cannot be built upon by other clans and will also block resource and NPC spawns.


Settings that affect players on the server.

Setting Value Description
Stamina Usage 70% The amount of stamina a player uses, as a percentage of the default.
Water Usage 50% The amount of water a player consumes, as a percentage of the default.
Food Usage 50% The amount of food a player consumes, as a percentage of the default.

Also increased attribute points and feat points per level starting at level 10.

Structure Decay

Structure decay (also called the "ruin system") is a mechanism whereby abandoned structures can be removed by other players on the server. This is to prevent people from claiming land indefinitely that they are not actually using.

The basic idea is that each structure gets a "score" based on how complex it is (quality of components and number of attached components). That score is translated into a decay time. When the owner of a structure gets near it, the timer is reset. If the timer reaches 0, then the structure becomes publicly demolishable. If left alone for a long enough time, it will eventually get automatically removed by the server.

To see the decay time and score of a structure, hold a repair hammer in your hand and look at the popup that appears when you approach the structure.

Setting Value Description
Decay Time Per Score 3 hours Amount added to the structure's decay timer per score.
Decay Time Multiplier 3x Multiplier on the overall decay timer of a structure.
Cleanup Time Multiplier 10x Multiplier on the amount of time before a decayed structure is automatically deleted.
Max Decay Time 15 days The maximum amount of decay time a structure is allowed.
Max Cleanup Time 30 days The maximum amount of time allowed after decaying before a structure is auto-deleted.


Some additional tweaks to the server (mainly from the Majestic mod).

Player Characters

  • Several fantasy skin and hair colors have been added to character creation.
  • Cocks and breasts can be made larger than normal.
  • Characters can be made considerably shorter or taller than normal.
  • Added an item called a glamor potion that allows people to redo aspects of their character customization without creating a new character. The recipe can be found on the floor on the upper level of The Sinkhole.
  • Armor can be hidden from the inventory screen, making you always appear nude. Alternatively, you can hide only your helmet.
  • Outfits can be created allowing faster switching between armor sets.
  • Fall damage reduced significantly.

Non-Player Humans and Thralls

  • Human NPC spawns are mostly female. 80% for most, some 85% and 90%. Dancers are 95% female.
  • Human NPCs spawn with larger breasts and cocks on average.
  • Thralls can be placed much closer together.


  • Chests, crafting stations, shrines and doors are able to be unlocked by their owner for public use.
  • Added a brighter white dye.