About Majestic

Majestic public servers are for adults only. Here you can make friends (or bring them with you), and do whatever you want with them. Or, you can play alone and do your own thing if that is your style. We only run non-PVP servers and expect people to always be friendly and respectful.

Majestic embraces nudity and licentious sexual chat/behavior. Sometimes people talk about sex in public chat, and even have cybersex in public chat on occasion. If these things offend you, or if you cannot be mature about such topics, then this is not the place for you.

We accept people of all genders, races, species (demons, furries, etc.), sexual orientations and lifestyles. You are safe to be yourself here and be open about what and who you are.

About the Founder

Hi! My name is Crystal, and I am the founder of Majestic and host/admin of the game servers. I feel it is important when playing on a community server to know a bit about the people that are running it. So, here is a bit about me and how I run things.

I am full-time working adult with a busy life. I am polyamorous and spend much of my free time with my lovers. Outside of that, one of the things I enjoy is video games. I started Majestic because I wanted to provide a place for people to come and enjoy themselves and also to maybe meet interesting people while playing games together. Also, sex is a big part of my life, and I want to be in an environment where it is ok to be openly sexual whenever I can. In fact, I am generally pretty open and honest about most things.

I am a succubus, but not the soul-sucking kind you may have read about. I am a nudist, so you will pretty much only ever see me nude. I flirt with people often, but I am a lesbian, so don't expect it to go beyond flirting if you are male. I will participate in cybersex with non-males, and I enjoy myself that way, but don't assume there is anything more between us just because I played with you. I am open to new relationships, but most certainly not looking for any.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask. I will probably tell you. Even if I don't, I won't mind the question if it comes from genuine curiosity!

Running the Servers

Now for the important stuff, how I run the servers. I will never use an admin cheat to give someone something! No items, no experience, nothing like that. This applies to everyone. I feel it is important to be fair to everyone, and the best way to do that is to make everyone play by the same rules. I will help you out when you run into issues due to game bugs, such as getting you unstuck from geometry or otherwise fixing an issue that is out of your control. Just don't ask for cheats for other reasons.

However, I am usually happy to help out with things that don't involve me using admin cheats (as are others on the server). When I am not doing admin stuff, I am a player just like anyone else. So, always feel free to ask for help :)

I will build my own personal base and generally have my own life in the games. When possible, I bring some of my lovers into games with me as well. This helps me stay interested and be online more to be available if people need me (otherwise I would just get bored and logout).

I may from time to time use spectator mode to look around the map and see how everything is going. I may also teleport and use other admin commands to assist someone having an issue or to investigate potential bugs or problems. If you see me flying around it is usually because I like to check on what everyone is building, both to make sure rules are being followed and also because I like seeing what people create. Aside from these things, I prefer to play as a normal player to get the most enjoyment from the games.

If I see someone causing another person grief, I will take action. If it is serious, I will ban the person from the server. We only run friendly PVE servers here. Please go elsewhere if you want to cause grief. If someone is causing you grief, please let me know so I can investigate. The best way to reach me is through Discord.

Server Updates

I will generally do updates whenever I see few or no people online. If possible, I will make an announcement before taking down a server and give people some time to log out safely. If a mod-breaking game update happens, I will leave the server running without updating it until mods can be updated. It is important that you turn off auto-updating of the game if you want to be able to play during these periods. If this goes on for too long, I will shut down the server to pause things and restart it once mods are ready.

Server Lifetimes

Majestic has been running since June 2016 and will continue running with no planned end date as long as there remains interest and capability. (However, nothing lasts forever.) I generally do not perform server wipes unless there is some major game change or the server gets completely stale (no one plays anymore). I prefer to have long-running servers that do not wipe at a regular interval.

While I strive to keep persistent servers running, if a certain server is completely dead for an extended period time (no one is actively playing it for months), I may decide to retire that server to free up resources for other servers. Retired servers are not deleted, just shut down. They could be brought back later if there is enough interest from the community.


I don't really like rules in general, but people ask questions about what is acceptable and what is not, so here are some guidelines to follow. The general theme is be nice to each other and share the world.

  1. Be respectful to others on the server, even if you don't agree with them or approve of their actions.
  2. Do not cheat.
  3. Do not make use of any exploits that harm the servers or others playing on them.

Building Rules

  1. Do not block resource spawns with your structures. Basic resources such as bushes, trees and standard rocks don't really matter, just anything less common like metal/iron. Exceptions can be made if a particular resource type is abundant in the surrounding area and you are only blocking a small portion of it, but usually best to talk to an admin first.
  2. Avoid blocking any useful pathways that are hard to navigate around. Everyone should be able to move freely around the map without encountering artificial roadblocks. For example, if you want to build in a pass of some kind, it is your responsibility to leave path for travellers to follow past your structures. In Conan, climbing should not be required to pass your structure. Passages should be large enough for mounted players and medium sized or smaller pets to pass through unhindered.
  3. Remove structures that you know you will never use again, and do not place structures unless you plan to use them in the near future as part of a base or outpost. Claiming land for some unknown future possible use is not allowed. There are no firm limits, but generally one large base per clan (maybe two for a larger clan if both are actively used) and one small to medium home per player who does not wish to live on a clan base (or is not in a clan). Temporary outposts may be constructed as needed and should be removed once their purpose has been served. One or two permanent outposts are permitted, per player, only if they will be regularly used and are kept small and out of the way. Crowded servers will generally be stricter then uncrowded servers regarding building limits.
  4. You may build small structures to enhance pathways for easier traversal, so long as they do not encroach on the building space of someone's base.
  5. You may build public buildings to offer free services to travellers such as shelter, crafting stations and map rooms. Such buildings should be kept small and not violate any of the other building rules. All doors, gates, stations, etc should be unlocked for public use. For larger public works projects, please run your idea by an admin before breaking ground.

If you have an idea for a building you really want to build but it violates any of these rules, you may ask an admin for an exception. You should describe what your plan is and why you feel you cannot work within the rules to realize it. The decision will ultimately be up to the admin, and they should post in the Discord server that they are making an exception so that you can save a link to their post if you are ever questioned about your building in the future.

Cheating and disrespectful behavior will result in a ban from Majestic. Building rule violations may result in your buildings being administratively demolished (possibly without warning if it is causing someone a hard time). Severe or repeat building violations may result in a ban.


All Majestic servers use the same password. You can find this password displayed in the image below. By connecting to a Majestic server, you are stating that you are a legal adult, acknowledge that you understand the server contains nudity and NSFW content, and agree to the rules stated above.

Server Listings

Information about available Majestic servers is displayed on the page for each game. Use the navigation buttons at the top of the page to view information about each game and find a server to connect to.


Discord is the primary home of the Majestic community. There are multiple text and voice channels available to use as desired (voice is rarely used). News and announcements are also posted there. The entire server is NSFW!

You can join using this link: https://discord.gg/gn47Y8v

Note: Majestic is a community of adult gamers, not a server to find people to hook up with. Do not join simply to announce you want people to direct message you for fun. This is not the place for that.


For general questions about the community or game servers we run, you are welcome to ask on our Discord server.

If you want to contact Crystal directly, there are two ways to reach her:

  1. Leave her a message on Discord, username Crystal#8169. You can find her through the Majestic Discord server mentioned above. Due to spam, messages will often not receive a reply if you don't state your business.
  2. Send an email to crystal@majesticark.net (address may change).
Please do not send Crystal a friend request on Discord, Steam or any other service unless she knows who you are. It will just be ignored along with all the other unrecognized names sending requests.