ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill & cunning to kill, tame, breed, & ride Dinosaurs & primeval creatures living on ARK.

If you don't have it already, you can get the game on Steam.

Welcome to Majestic! Before continuing, please read the important information on our About page.

Server Status

Current server status as reported by

Click a banner to go to the server monitoring page on

The Center Server

Enabled Mods

The server is currently using these mods. For mods that add new Engrams, look at the bottom of the Engram page in-game to find them. More mods may be added in the future if they can be added without causing any serious issues with the existing server data.

You can quickly subscribe to all of these mods by going here and pressing the "Subscribe to all" button. Doing this before your first play should make it easier to connect to the server!
Name Description
Fantasy Humanoids Removes underwear from player models (nudity) and expands character creation limits.
Majestic Server mod that tweaks a few things.
No Clothes Adds armor skins to make armor invisible.
Stairs Adds stairs and rounded walls.
True Wardrums Adds better sounding war drums to the game. Does not replace standard war drums.
Improved Spyglass Adds a better spyglass to the game called Binoglass. Does not replace standard spyglass.
Raft Extender Adds an extended raft that allows for larger structures to built on it than a standard raft.
Raft Pipes Adds versions of the stone and metal pipes that can be used on rafts.
Platforms Plus Adds some additional tree platform building pieces.
Durable Generator Adds a high quality electrical generator for use in Scorched Earth.

Connecting to a Server

If you are using the Epic Store version of the game, you will not be able to play on Majestic because it is modded. You must use the Steam version of the game. Hopefully this will change in the future, but it is outside of our control.

There are two ways to connect to the server.

Traditional Method

To connect, do the following:

  1. Run the game and press the "Join ARK" button.
  2. Change the server filter to "Unofficial" and search for Majestic to find the server.
  3. Select the server and press the "Join" button, then enter the password and connect.
Before you connect, you can select the server and press the "Favorite" button to add it to your favorites. Then you can go to your favorites list to connect more easily in the future.

Fast Method

The fastest way to connect is to use a direct link. This will launch the game and connect you directly to the server.

All Majestic servers use the same password, which can be found on the about page.

Server Settings

These tables show the settings that have been modified on the server. Any setting not mentioned is likely not set (remains at its default value). I may tweak some things if I see a need for it, but will try to leave the settings alone so that everyone gets a similar game experience no matter when they start playing.


Settings that affect the server in general.

Setting Value Description
Difficulty 5.0 The difficulty value. Max dinosaur level is this value multiplied by 30.
Experience 2.5x The rate at which players gain experience.
Taming Speed 5x The amount of taming progress made each time a dino eats while being tamed.
Crop Growth 3x The growth rate of player-grown crops.
Structure Decay 3x Multiplier on the amount of time it takes for structures to become publicly demolishable when the owner has not been around. Thatch: 12 days, Wood: 24 days, Stone: 36 days, Metal: 48 days
Crop Decay 500% The amount of time until player-grown crops decay, as a percentage of the base time.
Spoil Time 200% The amount of time until items spoil, as a percentage of the base time. (There is currently a bug making this not work for items in player inventory. It works for items harvested by dinos, up until they are transferred to player inventory.)
No Collision True Disables terrain collision checks when building, making it easier to place things (still cannot build fully underground).
Corpse Locator On Shows a beacon of light over your corpse after dying to help you find it.
Land Claim Radius 60% Radius around player structures that prevents non-allied players from building.


Settings that affect players on the server.

Setting Value Description
Water Usage 80% The amount of water a player consumes, as a percentage of the default.
Food Usage 60% The amount of food a player consumes, as a percentage of the default.
Stamina Drain 80% The rate at which player stamina drains, as a percentage of the default.

Stats gained when spending a level on them (vanilla values in parenthesis for comparison).

Stat Amount
Health 20 (10)
Stamina 20 (10)
Oxygen 40 (20)
Food 20 (10)
Water 20 (10)
Weight 20 (10)
Melee Damage 10% (5%)
Movement Speed 5% (1.2%)
Fortitude 10 (2)
Crafting Speed 20 (10)

Engrams gained per level (vanilla values in parenthesis for comparison).

Level Each Total
1-9 10 (8) 80 (64)
10-19 14 (12) 220 (184)
20-29 18 (16) 400 (344)
30-39 24 (20) 640 (544)
40-49 32 (24) 960 (784)
50-59 50 (28) 1460 (1064)
60-72 64 (40) 2292 (1584)
73-86 78 (50) 3384 (2284)
87-94 90 (60) 4134 (2764)
95-98 120 (60) 4614 (3004)
99-100 120 (70) 4854 (3144)
101-115 150 (70) 5904 (4194)


Settings that affect dinosaurs in the world.

Setting Value Description
Incubation Speed 5x The speed that eggs incubate/hatch.
Lay Egg Delay 20% The amount of time that has to pass between laying eggs.
Mating Delay 10% The amount of time that has to pass between matings.
Baby Mature Speed 10x The speed at which a baby dino grows up.
Baby Care Interval 40% The amount of time that passes before a baby requests care from the person that imprinted it.
Baby Hunger 20% The rate at which babies eat food.

Stats gained when spending a level on them. These are multipliers applied to the base vanilla values.

Stat Amount
Stamina 2x
Weight 5x
Movement Speed 2x


Settings that effect resources in the world.

Setting Value Description
Resource Delay 10% The amount of time before resources harvested will respawn, as a percentage of the base time.
Building Radius 20% The radius around player-built structures where resources will not respawn, as a percentage of the base value.
Player Radius 20% The radius around players where resources will not respawn, as a percentage of the base value.

Harvest rate multipliers for specific resources. Rates listed per server. Any resources not listed are at 1x rate.

Resource The Center
Thatch 1x
Wood 1x
Metal 1x
Crystal 2x
Obsidian 1x
Oil 2x
Silica Pearls 2x


Miscellaneous raw settings not covered above. For more information about these, look here.

  • DayTimeSpeedScale = 0.8
  • NightTimeSpeedScale = 1.2
  • ServerCrosshair = true
  • GlobalItemDecompositionTimeMultiplier = 10.0
  • GlobalCorpseDecompositionTimeMultiplier = 5.0